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A few years ago I bought a set of solar lamps SolarLampSet IMG 0009.JPG

I liked the stainless steel design and was hoping the lamps would last many years. Unfortunately the plastic is not very sturdy and the electronics are simplistic chinese circuits.


Stainless Steel Tube

  • 177 mm high
  • 63 mm Diameter
  • 0.4 mm thick

SteelTube IMG 0012.JPG

Stainless Steel Ring

  • 25.6 mm high
  • 63 mm Diameter
  • 0.4mm thick

SteelRing IMG 0014.JPG


  • 93 mm high
  • 63 mm diameter
  • 2 mm thick

Lampshade IMG 0016.JPG


LampPike IMG 0025.JPG


  • 40x40 mm Solarpanel

LampTop IMG 0017.JPG LamptopB IMG 0018.JPG LampTopC IMG 0019.JPG

  • NiMH 600 mAh rechargeable Battery

LampTopD IMG 0022.JPG LampTopE IMG 0024.JPG